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Sub-titled 'The Garb of the Merchant Seafarer', throughout history, Britain's merchant seafarers have formed a mighty force. They have expanded throughout the 19th century and reached their peak in the 1960s. Though seemingly one body, it comprised many individual companies, each with its own traditions and identity. However, the rapid diminution of the British-flagged fleet in recent years has all but extinguished this structure, and those who had intimate experience of it are now aging and their memories fading. This special book is a celebration of the British and Commonwealth merchant seafarer and it chronicles the characteristics that give the industry both corporate identity and an element of individuality. It features original colour artwork depicting uniforms, medals and badges including female dress of the White Star stewardess, Cunard or Orient Line nurses or swimming instructresses, pictures of actual captains like Captain Woolcott from the White Star Line displaying medals of the First World War including a DSO and Reefer jackets with different styles of lace as used by the Union Line in the 1890s, Houlder Brothers in 1900, Federal in the same year or Aberdeen & Commonwealth in 1960. There are badge designs, epaulettes, caps, and no less than 298 badges, from the Trinity House Petty Officer to the White Star Porter, Southampton Pilots to Solent Aggregates, British Africa SN Company to CT Bowring. The book is enhanced by a detailed history and compendium of shipping companies, museums and preserved material, female crew members, contemporary posters but best of all are the colour images in this outsize softback, 120pp.

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