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This is a pocket guide that explains the history of dice games and clear explanations on how to play them including tips on winning and how to avoid being tricked by loaded or 'crooked' dice. Sections in the book include medieval games such as farkle and Gluckhaus, as well as craps, a few games of risk, board games, dice chess, backgammon and family dice games. Every game lists step-by-step instructions on how to play it but also includes advice. In the craps section, the author highlights how to best place a bet during the game such as how a bet on the pass line means the player is backing the shooter to make a seven or 11 on his come out throw. The book explains two variants of Klondike: Counter Klondike which is a simple one throw game which was played by miners and prospectors throughout the Old West and Casino Klondike which is different because it includes the additional component of beating two aces. There are fantastic tips such as how most shop dice are a bit crooked as standard dice are not precision made and will be slightly more weighted to the five and six because they have more indentations in them, making them lighter. The book also celebrates the history of famous dice players such as Queen Elizabeth I who enjoyed playing dice after she was taught by her sister Mary, and King Olaf, who ruled Norway between 1015 and 1030 and played a game of dice against the King of Sweden to decide the fate of Hising - which became part of Norway. There are super black and white diagrams to explain the games to eager readers such as a pachisi board, a Ludo board, a depiction of dice chess and a rendering of a backgammon board. Paperback, illus, 176pp.

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ISBN 9781844681068

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