Book number: 92201 Product format: Paperback Author: LISA VIGER
Eating a diet rich in real food can begin to bring a person's body into balance with better health, renewed energy, fewer headaches, IBS, fatigue, allergies, asthma, weight or eczema. You have nothing to lose, so jump at incorporating raw food into your diet. There can be impressive results in a short period of time and it's not all a diet of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and sprouts, because the recipes in this cookbook are simply delicious. Salad dressings, even Thousand Island made with cashews, tomato, red bell pepper, apple cider vinegar, sweet pickle relish, soups like Spicy Mango and Cucumber Soup with Noodles, breakfasts like Caramel Apple and Walnut Bowl, or Raspberry Buckwheat Crumble Bars. There is an easy lasagne, tomato sandwiches on easy carrot bread, a hearty chilli with nutritious chilli, green bell and jalapeño peppers, Italian Chia nut crackers which are substantial and can stand up to heavy dips or toppings, and wonderful condiments, sweeteners, salsas and chutneys like Date Paste to keep in the fridge, a Caramel Dip, Fruit and Berry Jam and desserts like Pumpkin Pie and sweets like Macaroon Hearts Dipped in Chocolate. Raw foods, real savings, right now with tips for budgeting and shopping to save at the supermarket and beyond, tools and techniques for saving prep time, stocking a healthy and affordable pantry and more. A British edition of a US bestseller. 176pp in large softback packed with colour photos.
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ISBN 9781592539291
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