BOOK OF REST: How to Find Calm In A Chaotic World

Book number: 91892 Product format: Paperback Author: JAMES REEVES & GABRIELLE BROWN

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The authors are founders of Restful Being, a yoga and meditation school focussed on the extraordinary power of rest to help people fulfill their innate sense of steady, spacious calm. One reader describes the 'simplicity and beauty of the method.' And another 'You provide a really wonderful space for just being, and nurturing the self, which is so very needed after the pandemic has left us reeling emotionally and facing many challenges, internal and external.' 'Whether you're sleep deprived, stressed, ill, agitated or even just grappling with a nagging feeling that something isn't quite right, you are still, deep within yourself, just as okay as absolutely everyone else alive right now. At the very depths of your being, there is no resistance, tension or tiredness. There is no judgement, pain or fear. This is the very essence of who you are. But we know this might not be a possibility you can entertain right now...' Being able to recognise and allow true rest is vital to us feeling whole, authentic and balanced and this is a book that quite literally urges you to do nothing! Through simple, easily learned techniques and featuring a brand new chapter on why rest is vital in times of crisis, the book shows you how to find a moment of peace even in the most frantic of days and to find answers and assurance when confused or conflicted. 246pp, paperback.

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ISBN 9780008321666

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