GRAND PRIX: The Killer Years

GRAND PRIX: The Killer Years

EDITED BY JOHN L MATTHEWS    Book Number: 91469    Product format: Paperback

With extended interviews from the BBC film, here is the tragic, dramatic and unmissable story of Formula One's killer years when the sport was out of control. In the 1960s and early 1970s mechanical failure, lethal track design, fire and incompetence led to dozens of brave young drivers losing their lives, with the grisly spectacle often televised for millions to see. With boycotts of the prestigious Belgian and German Grands Prix, drivers fought to get their voices heard, but it would be a long and painful time before conditions changed. Featuring many famous drivers including three World Champions Emerson Fittipaldi, Sir Jackie Stewart and John Surtees OBE, renowned filmmaker John L. Matthews goes to the heart of those deadly years, telling the story in the words of the men who were there. On Jochen's accident at Monza: 'Jochen said he refused to change to the Lotus 72 which was the new car and that was when he had the accident.' 'He was not, of course, but they would not let me into the ambulance and he was taken away, to work on him. There was a hospital transporter, but the law didn't allow that to be used. He had to be taken into hospital, which was ridiculous. Maybe he could have been saved.' Jochen became the first posthumous World Champion. 160pp, paperback.
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