BIG PACIFIC: Passionate Voracious Mysterious Violent

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The Pacific accounts for nearly half the earth's water surface, falling to a depth of seven miles, and this gorgeously illustrated book, divided into the four categories Passionate, Voracious, Mysterious and Violent rises magnificently to the challenge of depicting a major natural phenomenon. Symbolising nature at its most terrible, the Great White Shark is endowed with keen sensory organs, identifying a single drop of blood in 10 billion of water. The Blue Whale is the largest animal ever to have lived on earth, stretching to 30 metres as an adult and with a heart the size of a Volkswagen Beetle car. In social terms Blue Whales are solitary creatures but they have the loudest, strongest vocalisations on the planet, calling to each other across a distance of 1000 miles. Another massive creature is Nomura's Jellyfish, now causing trouble for Japanese fishermen as a result of global warming. The yellow-eyed penguin is one of the world's rarest, a model parent who never leaves the chicks unguarded. One of the most spectacular-looking creatures of the Pacific is the Red Lionfish, striped and bristling with spikes capable of delivering a lethal sting. The Galapagos Archipelago has one of the highest levels of endemism, or species unique to the place, on the planet. A prime example is the Marine Iguana, captured here in close-up with some superb photography. There are also fine pictures of Galapagos tortoises and their predators, the Galapagos Hawks. The white spotted pufferfish creates patterns like crop circles on the seabed, while the Firefly Squid is surrounded by luminescence while spawning. The edge of the Pacific, particularly the northwest, encompasses a volatile geological cauldron known as the Ring of Fire, while the world's largest tidal bore, known as the Silver Dragon, occurs near the Chinese city of Hangzhou. A fascinating and wonderfully illustrated book which blends a wealth of stunning Ultra HD images with spellbinding storytelling to take you into a realm teeming with exotic life rarely witnessed up close, until now. 240pp, landscape format, colour photos on most pages.
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