FOOTBALL LEAKS: Uncovering the Dirty Deals

FOOTBALL LEAKS: Uncovering the Dirty Deals

R. BUSCHMANN & M. WULZINGER    Book Number: 91149    Product format: Paperback

Reading like a Cold War thriller, this is probably the biggest story in football of the last decade, the shocking ugly underside of the beautiful game. One anonymous football fan, 18.6 million confidential documents, here is the explosive story of the shady underworld of modern football. In 2016 a whistler-blower known only as 'John' began leaking a treasure trove of top-secret files, revealing the clandestine dealings of clubs, players and agents at the highest levels of international football. From the eye-popping details of player transfers and fees to loopholes and opaque tax structures than ensure maximum earnings, this is a tale of rapacious greed and dodgy deals and also at the same time a gripping story of a fan who wanted to free football from corruption, but finds himself on the run. Sunday Times: 'Reveals the extraordinary add-ons Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea and the two Manchester clubs have been willing to pay in their pursuit of supremacy... An insane and frankly obscene world.' 314pp, paperback.
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ISBN 9781783351411
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