BROKEN THRONE: A Red Queen Collection

Book number: 91061 Product format: Paperback Author: VICTORIA AVEYARD
In the dystopian future of Aveyard's debut, those who bleed red are the impoverished underclass, meant to serve silver-bloods who boast supernatural gifts that have helped them maintain control. But a rebellion is rising, and 17 year old Red narrator Mare Barrow is the spark to ignite the Scarlet Guard's cause. This masterful collection offers an entirely new look into the beloved characters in the iconic Red Queen series, where no one is as they appear and the only certainty is betrayal. Broken Throne features three brand new novellas, two previously published novellas Steel Scars and Queen Song alongside never-before-seen maps, flags, family trees, bonus scenes, journal entries and more exclusive content. An Unseated King searches for meaning in a world altered by war; enemy brothers clash one final time; a doomed queen pens words of hope to her future son; a Silver Princess trusts a Red Captain with her life in the chaos of an unknown land; a young Scarlet Guard Captain finds a glimmer of hope that will light a rebellion and a hero whose spark started a revolution discovers where she belongs in peace. A whopping 470 page large softback.
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ISBN 9781409178811
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