ARABIA: A Journey Through the Heart of the Middle East

Book number: 90907 Product format: Paperback Author: LEVISON WOOD
The award-winning TV adventurer and travel writer's enthralling account of his 5,000 mile expedition around the Arabian Peninsula, from Iraq to Lebanon, in the winter of 2017. He gives a vivid picture of this ancient and beautiful but sad, war-torn and misunderstood region. Following in the footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia and Wilfred Thesiger, the book is an insight into Levison Wood's most complex and daring expedition yet - a journey through 13 countries circumnavigating the Arabian Peninsula. Honest, reflective and poignant, it an historical, religious and spiritual journey through some of the most harsh and beautiful environments on earth and exploring the Middle East through the lives, hearts and hopes of its people. Engaging and educational, we see things from a different perspective and the book is at times heart-warming and funny and makes you giggle, and at others you are sad by the weariness of the former paratrooper and major in the army reserves who must be tough as nails. 354pp, paperback, 16 pages of colour photos.
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ISBN 9781473676305
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