Book number: 90842 Product format: Hardback Author: YOLANDA ZAPPATERRA
Extremely beautiful silhouette artworks decorate the landscape pages of this compilation of one-of-a-kind buildings - fortresses, palaces, sacred sites, monuments, skyscrapers and cultural hotspots. We travel to the cultural capitals of Paris, Mexico City, Berlin, Beijing, Delhi, Istanbul, Washington DC, Budapest and Rome. To seaside cities like Miami and Helsinki, fortress cities like Marrakech and Prague, Carcassonne and Jaipur, sacred cities like Jerusalem, Lhasa, and Cusco, skyscraper cities and visionary cities like Brasilia, Dubai, Barcelona, Timbuctu and Eutopia. Experts on architecture, design and travel, this journey through 50 skylines of the world's greatest cities is illustrated by Jenny Seddon in beautiful and atmospheric illustrations. There are quotes, short histories capturing the spirit of the places, its past and location. There are double page skyline maps, representations of famous and iconic buildings drawn at the same height and each captioned, quotes and bold headers for the buildings mentioned in the text. Includes maps, colour, a beautiful design and layout, 216pp.
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ISBN 9781781314517
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