DIGITAL DIET: The 4-Step Plan

DIGITAL DIET: The 4-Step Plan

DANIEL SIEBERG    Book Number: 83018    Product format: Paperback

A four step plan to break your technology addictions and regain balance in your life. If you are bogged under by Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Gmail, Blackberry, iPad, laptop or X-box, if your heart flutters when you see a flashing red light, your phone beep and your e-mail ping, perhaps technology is increasingly taking over your life. With so much available to us, it is easy to surrender control to it. Our digital lifestyles are more of a weight on our shoulders than we know and many of us can no longer focus on a single task or face-to-face conversation without wanting to reach out or retreat to the virtual world every few minutes. It's time for a digital detox. This 28 day four step plan will get you started - rethink, reboot, reconnect and revitalise, learning to live with technology. 254pp in paperback.
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ISBN 9780285640535
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