EGYPT: People, Gods, Pharaohs

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How much do we really know about Ancient Egypt? What about the farmers, the soldiers, the labourers and the families that made up the vast majority of this much mythologized civilisation? Chapters include A Gift of the Nile, The Art of Writing, Artisan Ship, Egyptian Art, Free Women In Pharaoh's Land?, The Pleasures of the Heart, Survival Techniques - Mummies, A Guide Through the Underworld, Gods, Goddesses and Magic, Temples, Tomb Robbers and Curses and Egypt and the Western World. With explanations of hieroglyphs alongside hundreds and hundreds of stunning colour photographs, diagrams and plans, we peep at underground passages, up close to marvellous relics, at amazing artworks and lithographs, reliefs and carvings, even fashions and hairstyles, a dancer doing a back bend to more contemporary photographs of Howard Carter and colleagues handling a statue of Tutankhamun, garments and other items of discovery. Will full list of Egyptian collections and museums, 296 very large pages. 9.4" x 12.4", 296 pages.
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