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  • All Bibliophiles are welcome to post their own books for sale or wants
  • Catch up with old friends or make new ones
  • Set up a Reading Group and we can supply your books in bulk and cheap p&p
  • Recommend a good read, talk about literature and the sheer pleasure books bring
  • What new author you have discovered
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  • No rude words please.  Enjoy the space - it's free to all our members. Have fun!


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A Bibliophile android app?
Hi everyone my name is Gustavo Woltmann and I am an assistant in a small publishers company for m...
03/02/2017 14:46
gustavo woltmann
1 07/02/2017 11:45
I do enjoy a good thriller, and I have just finished one; Splinter the Silence by Val McDermid. I...
22/12/2016 10:45
Jonathan HENSON
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Wild about Wild
Carol Klein is a lady with tremendous knowledge of horticulture, and she comes across as a very w...
25/10/2016 11:10
Jonathan HENSON
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Exceeded expectations... Have your say about Bibliophile
I am a big fan of Bibliophile Books and have had several consignments of books from you. They hav...
14/10/2011 12:25
Annie Quigley
107 30/06/2016 15:46
Vicky Stevens
Matrix 28, Review for Printers and Bibliophiles, for sale
I am selling my copy of Matrix 28, published by Whittington Press. This edition is from summer of...
06/06/2016 21:43
Michael Holmes
1 07/06/2016 16:07
Michael Holmes
On The Road With Reginald Dixon (by Brian Wigglesworth)
I know that there are copies of this book about, but they seem to elude me. I would be interested...
30/03/2016 19:20
1 06/04/2016 10:41
Killer's Art
the Killer's Art by Mari Jungstedt has a marvellous plot, this author is one of the numerous Scan...
15/03/2016 22:26
Jonathan HENSON
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Book Search
My friend is distressed, she went on holiday to Malta and lost her book on the journey, and she i...
21/01/2016 18:55
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Default category
I find the default category being Art and Architecture a bit annoying. I would prefer the default...
04/01/2016 19:03
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Jigsaw anyone!
I have just finished building - The Bridesmaid - jigsaw that I purchased in my latest order from ...
29/12/2015 20:57
Jonathan HENSON
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