The Mysterious case of Alan Gardner

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Martin Blackburn
12/04/2017 23:30

The Mysterious case of Alan Gardner

"The Hibernation of Ginger Scrubb" by Alan Harold Gardner is an excellent adventure novel concerning the ailing company director of a London toy doll company who is enticed into undergoing cryogenic preservation to wake up in the 22nd century ! I picked this now out of print edition up from a second hand bookshop and have never read anything quite like it. Published way back in 1968 by New English Library I find the author is as mysterious as the book's title...

The book offers no author biography other than that he was a London journalist, a search on wikipedia draws a total blank on his name. Ebay lists several authors by the name of Alan Gardner who write on everything from Eastern History and text books on Algebra for schools - yet none of them are him.

Alan Gardner (not to be confused with Alan Garner (Owl Service, Weirdstone of Brasingamen, Elidor etc.) does not appear to have ever existed at all !!! Is it possible, in this day and age, for an author to slip through the cracks of the world wide web ? Even a general tool bar search on this name does not lead me to the author of this book. I'm intrigued because I'd like to find out what else he's written, if anything.

Have Bibliophiles had any similar experiences to this in being unable to track down invisible authors...any suggestions ?