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Tongue in Cheek

Speaks for itself… what we find funny in the bedroom, bathroom, garden, in public and private places, vices and virtues, often in cartoon form or scribbles simply good for a giggle.

LESLIE CABARGA    Book Number: 82021
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Product format: Paperback

'Man's biggest problem since the dawn of time has been that 100% of the world's pussy supply is controlled by women.' 60s design front cover and big bold colour illustrations throughout, cartoon s...

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VIZ: The Cleveland Steamer
VIZ COMIC    Book Number: 77510
Published price: £10.99
Bibliophile price: £4.00
Product format: Hardback

The Cleveland Steamer (if you want to know - and trust us, you really don't - you can look it up in the inestimable Roger's Profanisaurus) is the next annual on from The Five Knuckle Shuffle (code ...