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    Published on 25/06/2014 11:04 by Annie Quigley

    JOIN OUR CAMPAIGN to get the younger generation into our big bad book habit!


    JOIN OUR CAMPAIGN to get the younger generation into our big bad book habit! Children of all backgrounds need access to books. At bargain prices, it's not cost, but curation, help reading, reading aloud and sharing the fun of books which can be missing. Bibliophile can give all that and more - lifetime in books. With books you are never alone. With books you can lose yourself. Ask us for half a dozen extra catalogues to distribute on your recommendation, please and we’ll pop them in your book parcel.

    The picture shows a visit to Bibliophile June 2014 of Rachel and her scout leader Vicky from the 2nd East London Scout Group, collecting books for charity. The smiles are as infectious as their love of books!


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    Published on 31/01/2014 09:16 by Annie Quigley

    BIBLIOPHILE has opened its warehouse to visitors

    BIBLIOPHILE BOOKS has opened its warehouse doors to visitors allowing them to browse at leisure from 8am - 5pm every weekday.

    With so many books to choose from, they have the perfect gifts at 50-90% off new books.

    FUN starts when you walk though the doors into a massive warehouse on 2 levels with over 3000 different book titles.


    "What fun browsing...and finding book titles about subjects I had never heard of.

     I spent 2 hours excited about all the books I knew my friends and family would LOVE and I had only just done the first floor!" Dee


    Oh and there are also DVD's, not to forget the odd unusual but interesting items, like a swivel car seat which helps people get out of a car, leather bound guest books (Charles Rennie Mackintosh embossed cover) and exciting children's pop up books.

    Emphasis is always on QUALITY.  Touch, feel, look and enjoy . Take your time. 

    One is free to roam and take your time enjoying the staggering array of titles. Some books are even signed, so that is a little unexpected 'extra'.

    What ever takes your fancy, just ask for a price and you will be very pleasantly surprised.

    Books start from 50p, classics from £1 and some of the large books, almost too heavy to hold, are a fraction of their original sales price.

    Some books have only just come out and others are not on sale here in the UK or online.







    There are YouTube links to many books online and a YouTube channel with nearly 600 video book reviews.  Have a look at the website:

    Phone: Bibliophile: 020 74 74 24 74


    A BOOKLOVER'S HEAVEN. Visitors are welcome to the warehouse in East London between Canning Town And Mile End on the 323 bus route or Star Lane DLR.

    As you come out of the Star Lane DLR station, cross over to Cody Road and walk down Cody Road for about 3 minutes, first left and BIBLIOPHILE IS ON THE RIGHT. 

    Near WESTFIELD SHOPPING CENTRE which is a few stops further down on the DLR.

     You are all most welcome.


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    Published on 18/11/2013 10:35 by Annie Quigley

    Alex Hamilton "Pooter" signed book

    Remember the weekly literary column by Pooter in The Times before he defected to the Guardian? It was our dear friend Alex, pictured here with Annie at Bibliophile signing his wonderful "bedside" book Writing Talk. It's a Who's Who of literary talent.




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    Published on 02/01/2013 09:57 by Annie Quigley

    Max Arthur OBE


    We are thrilled to learn today that for services to military history in this year's New Year's Honours list, Max Arthur, a longtime friend of Annie and staunch supporter of Bibliophile, has received an OBE in deserved recognition for his writing on oral military history. Max has brought history back to life through his 'Forgotten Voices' series of war books sifting Imperial War Museum archives, meticulous research and detail.

    Well done Max!

    MAX ARTHUR    Book Number: 68892
    Published price: £20
    Bibliophile price: £5.00
    Product format: Hardback

    In 2005 for his book The Last Post, the final words from our soldiers of the Great War, Max Arthur interviewed the last 21 veterans of the Great War. Each was over 100 years old and all had vivid ...

    MAX ARTHUR    Book Number: 69190
    Published price: £8.99
    Bibliophile price: £2.00
    Product format: Paperback

    Subtitled 'Personal Stories from the Falklands War', here are firsthand accounts from action in the Malvinas in 1982. Major Michael J. Norman of the Royal Marines looks at the invasion of the Falk...

    MAX ARTHUR    Book Number: 70987
    Published price: £7.99
    Bibliophile price: £3.75
    Product format: Paperback

    11am, the 11th of the 11th 1918 - the war is finally over. After four long years Britain welcomed her heroes home. They were welcomed home by their loved ones and those who survived life at the F...

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    Published on 12/03/2012 11:50 by Annie Quigley

    Deric Longden

    Deric Longden is our Editor Annie's step-dad. His first book DIANA'S STORY was made into a film called Wide Eyed and Legless starring Julie Walters as Diana, Dame Thora Hird and Jim Broadbent as Deric.

    Thora Hird also starred in his second film and she received a BAFTA for Best Actress for LOST FOR WORDS. Deric and his wife Aileen Armitage flew to New York to pick up an International EMMY. 
    Deric's brilliantly written, funny and unbearably sad film Lost For Words was on TV again on Sat. Watch on iPlayer here. Pete Postlethwaite plays Deric.
    Both books had gone out of print, so now Bibliophile has, as a publisher, created eBooks of both titles which are available on Amazon Kindle (click links).


    Laugh, remember Deric with us and enjoy these funnies.

    Bibliophile proudly announces the publication of another eBook to commemorate the anniversary of poor dear Deric's passing.

    Deric Longden was best known for his books which touched millions in print and on screen, and which were critically acclaimed on both the UK and International stage. Many of the stories he told were drawn from his broadcasting days with BBC Radio Derby and BBC Radio Nottingham, where he enjoyed regular slots and a large audience of loyal listeners.

    We discovered manuscripts filed in my late step-father Deric Longden's basement and have curated and collated the best from his radio broadcasts and have published them in chunks of 100 or so short stories each, TAKE 1, TAKE 2 and this week TAKE 3.

    Deric Longden kindle books. Also available on Kobo and Nook.


     Radio Times: Take 3 by Deric Longden ) - Kindle eBook 

    • £3.03 Kindle Edition
    • Available for download now
    • These insights into Deric’s world are drawn from his original ‘Line Up’ Radio Derby scripts, which he often wrote the night before his Friday morning air time and typed on all colours of paper. The stories in this collection are but a small number of those Deric wrote during his twenty plus years of broadcasting. They often became the original source material which Deric adapted and used in his books, magazine articles, lectures, after dinner speeches and by popular demand, were often re-broadcast. They demonstrate both the diversity of his subjects, his witty and humorous style and view of life and how he could make conversations with almost any animal or object.
      The very first story in this collection is ‘Living to a Ripe Old Age’ and is the one Deric first submitted to Radio Derby under the pen name Biro. The other stories in this collection cover his early broadcasting years when he lived with his first wife Diana and family in Matlock, Derbyshire.



    Radio Times: Take 1 by Deric Longden (13 Mar 2014) - Kindle eBook


    Radio Times: Take 2 by Deric Longden (14 Mar 2014) - Kindle eBook

    Tailpieces is a special personal collection of his favourite short stories and articles on cats.

     50 amusing short stories for cat lovers by Emmy and BAFTA-winning author Deric Longden. Each demonstrate his unique blend of humour, observation and his fun and adventures with his various adoptive cats. 


    Tailpieces by Deric Longden (12 Jun 2012) - Kindle eBook

    Diana’s Story, published in 1989, some years after his wife Diana's death, was a bestseller. The book hit the Sunday Times best seller list straight away and won the NCR book award. It was followed by Lost for Words. They were adapted for television, the first under the title Wide-Eyed and Legless, and an adaptation of Lost for Words. Both were nominated for multiple BAFTAs and Lost For Words, screened in January 1999 and repeated in 2012 after the death of Pete Postlethwaite, attracted an audience of more than 12 million viewers and won the Emmy for best foreign drama and a BAFTA for Thora Hird as best actress.



    Diana's Story by Deric Longden (1 Mar 2011) - Kindle eBook


    Lost For Words by Deric Longden (18 Feb 2011) - Kindle eBook



    Deric has also written many widely-acclaimed books The Cat Who Came in From the Cold, I’m a Stranger Here Myself, Enough to Make a Cat Laugh, A Play On Words and Paws In the Proceedings. Each demonstrate his unique blend of humour, observation and his fun and adventures with his various adoptive cats.



    The Cat Who Came In From The Cold by Deric Longden (28 Nov 2012) - Kindle eBook


    Enough To Make A Cat Laugh by Deric Longden (28 Nov 2012) - Kindle eBook


    I'm A Stranger Here Myself by Deric Longden (28 Nov 2012) - Kindle eBook



    A Play On Words by Deric Longden (1 Dec 2012) - Kindle eBook







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    Published on 17/11/2011 10:56 by Annie Quigley

    Meeting Royalty Again!


    As a Royal Warrant By Appointment Grantee, our Annie was invited to St James's Palace to meet HRH The Prince of Wales, Prince Charles. It was her chance to wish his father a very happy birthday!

    A Royal Warrant, By Royal Appointment, was granted to Annie Quigley the owner of Bibliophile by the Duke of Edinburgh in 2011. It is regarded as a ‘Peerage for Trade’, in recognition of quality service and excellence to the royal household and came about after 20 years providing books to the royal libraries. Only two other booksellers (and no publisher) from the entire publishing industry hold a Warrant  - Hatchards of Piccadilly and Heywood’s Antiquarian of Mayfair.
    Very excited as we are attending Guildhall for the Royal Warrant Holders Annual Banquet. It is a white tie affair - tailcoats and tiaras - so Vicky here at Bib is doing my hair and Wilma and the girls have given me fashion advice.

    We sat at Top Table with the Duke of Edinburgh. On being introduced, he announced that he uses Bibliophile a lot and how long our newspaper is. That's what keeps me busy I replied. The Guildhall Art Gallery where we met was full of beautiful Pre-Raphaelite oil paintings by Rossetti et al, the banqueting hall a medieval walled gothic arched hall with balconies where buglers played, everyone was dressed to the nines, all eyes on Prince Philip and our Top table of 20 guests. Only 900 guests watching...
     Friends and colleagues in publishing have been thrilled that we are meeting royalty and that our small company has been recognised for service and quality.                                     

     Ceremony at Bibliophile June 2011

    Presented by Mr. Bob Hall, President Royal Warrant Holders Association.


    Barbara Woodyatt  Congrats on the Warrant! From a lovely customer  26 January 2012 at 13:23

    To read an article from  Sunday Telegraph 4th December 2011

    The Sunday Telegraph published a supplement on 4th December about Royal Warrants and featuring some Royal Warrant holding companies. The focus was on the innovation, craftsmanship and tradition that are characteristic to Royal Warrant Holding companies. The supplement also had a seasonal slant to it with a view to Christmas sales.

    If you missed the article, in which we appear on page 9 column 3, and would like to view an online copy then please click here.







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    Published on 17/10/2011 15:18 by Annie Quigley

    Exceeded expectations... Have your say about Bibliophile

    I am a big fan of Bibliophile Books and have had several consignments of books from you. They have all exceeded expectations and I have another batch on order at present. Thanks to you all. Please keep up the good work! As I am online much of the time I like to access your website and online catalogues. Thanks again Very best wishes to all (including cats) J. Darnell
    See more Reader comments in our Forum
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    Published on 13/06/2011 10:22 by Annie Quigley

    YouTube Videos

    See bibliophilebooks on YouTube really bringing books to life! Feel how heavy the art tomes are, see gorgeous pop-ups and and see and hear our Editor's extra reasons for buying in these curious books.

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