BACK TO NATURE: How to Love Life and Save It

Book number: 91451 Product format: Paperback Author: CHRIS PACKHAM & MEGAN MCCUBBIN

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The pleasantness of our experiences, the extent to which our desires are fulfilled relates to us feeling good, but what is also important for our wellbeing is our ability to function well psychologically. This is referred to as 'eudaimonic wellbeing', and includes factors such as autonomy, self-acceptance, having a meaning and purpose in life, and recognising personal growth. Distinct from hedonic wellbeing is the emotional state and experience of nature connectedness. Already this is leading towards the change in the way we prescribe treatments and therapies to address mental health. You may recall that our editor Annie is organising a wellness memorial garden in the name of her late husband for exactly these reasons. To appreciate beauty of nature, celebrate its meaning and respond emotionally, we must activate our compassion for nature and be kinder to it. Our spring of surprises germinates into a summer of love for nature which can burst from our balconies, gardens, parks and green places. Megan McCubbin will excite you with some gems of extraordinary new science celebrating some of conservations successes and exploring methods we all have to generate more in our own spaces or communities. It asks you to look at how green your own actions are, how the UK has turned a blind eye to the catastrophic destruction of wildflower meadows with plants, butterflies, moths, dragonflies, damselflies, bees, wasps and beetles which have disappeared from this floral wonderland, together with many mammals and birds. Our remaining native wildflower meadows are vital havens for biodiversity and support those pollinators which service some 35% of the world's human food crop. Also of conservation concern are the lapwing, common snipe and curlews whose numbers are still declining fast. Salmon farming, rodent control, the love of beavers, global warming, through personal stories, conservation breakthroughs and scientific discoveries, the book explores the wonder and solace of nature and the ways in which we can connect with it and protect it. Full of facts and not too preachy. 296pp, paperback.

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