OPEN: The Story of Human Progress

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The topic is how collaboration and curiosity has shaped mankind. As we recover from the pandemic of 2020, the world needs more open minds, open hearts, open communications, open markets, and Norberg's superb book demonstrates how openness has been key to the success of our species over 10,000 years. From Stone Age hunter-gatherers to contemporary Chinese-American relations, Open explores how across time and cultures we have struggled with a constant tension between our yearning for cooperation and our profound need for belonging. Providing a bold new framework for understanding human history, Norberg examines why we are often uncomfortable with openness, but also why it is essential for progress. As the world is ravaged by Coronavirus, climate change and financial uncertainty, our future feels in doubt. However, when we look at the world objectively, humanity is doing better than ever. The freedom to explore and exchange whether goods, ideas or people, has led to stunning achievements in science, health, technology and living standards. So why are we so intent on ruining it? Norberg makes a compelling case for why an open world with an open economy is worth fighting for more than ever. The World Bank has calculated that the greatest economic damage from epidemics like swine flu, SARS or the new coronavirus do not come from mortality, morbidity, treatment and associated loss of production, but from increased fear of associating with others which shuts down places of production, transportation, harbours and airports. 440 intriguing pages, large softback.

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