BOBBY MOORE: The Definitive Biography

Book number: 93559 Product format: Hardback Author: JEFF POWELL

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In the words of the Daily Mail, 'a worthy testament to a fine man and a simply marvellous footballer', this is the new edition of the bestselling definitive and authorised biography. Yet another World Cup has come and gone but still Bobby Moore remains the only England captain whose hands have reached out to grasp football's Holy Grail and raise it aloft. Mexico 1970 saw him captain England in an epic duel in the sun against the greatest of Brazil teams, then in a quarter-final thriller, lose to the Germans in extra time. Bobby, the blonde Adonis was, with Franz Beckenbauer, one of the greatest defenders football has ever seen, and each had a deep reading and profound understanding of the game. They pitted wits in 1966 and 1970, becoming close friends. Bobby Moore was the embodiment of all that was great in English football leading England to glory in 1966 and West Ham to victory in several major tournaments. He was loved and respected throughout the world as football's golden boy. His extraordinary story includes exciting accounts of his World Cup triumph to candid memories of his friendships with Beckenbauer, Eusébio and Pelé. The East End war baby with his fresh-faced universal appeal and his upright bearing in defiance of the class system transcended all barriers to become the champion not just of the working class, but of all the people. He had the style, the charm and the intelligence to walk with kings and retained his compassion for others and attachment to his roots. Bobby died 47 days short of his 52nd birthday of bowel cancer, and an acute sense of loss swept the length and breadth of England. Award winning sportswriter Jeff Powell was a close friend and confidante to the Moore family and here has created a powerful and fitting tribute to this great sporting hero. 336pp, paperback, eight pages of photos.

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