FEAR AND THE FREEDOM: How the Second World War Changed Us

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'A deft blend of historical research, moving interviews and challenging psychological insights, Lowe writes with elegance and perception.' - Jonathan Dimbleby. The fruit of five years labour, Lowe dissects the impact of the Second World War on society, politics, urban planning and more besides. The war created new philosophies, new ways of living, new architecture - this was the era of Le Corbusier, Simone de Beauvoir and Chairman Mao. But amid the waves of revolution and idealism there are also fears of globalisation, a dread of the atom bomb, and an unexpressed longing for a past forever gone. WWII was one of the most catastrophic events in human history, but how did the experience and memory of bloodshed - and bonding - affect the modern world? How did fears of violence, dreams of equality, and craving for freedom and belonging affect the world, countries and communities we live in today? The book describes and analyses a period of unprecedented geopolitical, social and economic change. The new order as it emerged after 1945 saw the collapse of European colonialism and the birth of two new superpowers - the USA and the Soviet Union - in a new, global Cold War. Scientists delivered new technologies beginning the nuclear age. Politicians fanaticised about overhauled societies. Some argued for global government, others for independence. Living standards were altered dramatically. It was a time of both terror and wonder which resonates in the arguments about nationalism, immigration and globalisation that exist today. Chapters include Planned Utopias, Equality and Diversity, Freedom and Belonging, The Birth of An Asian Nation, An African Nation, Democracy in Latin America and Israel. 561pp, 45 illustrations and 17 colour plates. Maps on endpapers.

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