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Translated by Paul Auster, this poetic handbook was written when the hire wire artist was just 23 years old. Philippe Petit became world famous with his feats such as walking between the towers of Notre Dame and the World Trade Center. Addressing such topics as the rigging of the wire, the walker's first steps, his salute and exercises, and the work of other renowned high-wire artists, Petit offers us a book about the ecstasy of conquering our fears and reaching for the stars. Translator Paul Auster shares his experiences while living in Paris and first seeing Petit perform as a juggler on the streets and later befriending him and reading his manuscripts, back in 1971. A unique and beautiful work which delves into the psyche of a person willing to risk all to accomplish his feats, its dangers and rewards. Attractive hardback edition, 115pp reprint of the 1985 original.

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ISBN 9781474613705

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