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Intriguing, dramatic accounts of Yorkshire women who felt the need to kill. The trauma of childbirth, especially when the baby was illegitimate, frequently led to the child's murder, such as in the cases of Mary Thorpe, who, in 1800, strangled her baby before throwing it into the river, Mary Chapel whose dead newborn was found in 1802 between the bed and mattress with a broken jawbone, and Ann Haywood whose baby was killed in 1804 with a penknife. All three women were hanged without taking into account the possible delirium or hallucination that can occur after a pregnancy, certainly plausible in the case of Mary Chapel. Here are stories of women driven to murder their lovers, husbands, sisters or even strangers by various means including knives, gas, strangling, and, a particular favourite, poisoning. Includes the story of Louie Calvert, serial killer, false accusations in court and verdicts that sent women to Van Diemen's Land, to jail for life or the asylum, and all about a hired assassin and a taxi driver killing. Covering the mid-18th century to the mid-20th century, around 25 case histories. Softback. Contemporary cartoons, line art, photos and facsimiles.
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