TREE-SPOTTING: A Simple Guide to Britain's Trees

Book number: 94679 Product format: Hardback Author: ROS AND NELL BENETT

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A charming walk through the hidden secrets of each of the 56 British species of trees by botanist and ecologist Ros Bennett. The mother and daughter team burrow into blossoms and berries, the chemistry of plants, the importance of fungi, the history of Britain's forests, why trees and forests are important before looking at identification using leaves, twigs and buds. Part three looks at species profiles of Britain's 52 mostly native trees from the conifers and broadleaf trees like the Scots pine and yew, box and crab-apple, buckthorns, elms, beech, oaks, hazels and hornbeams, wild privet, holly and elder. Daughter Nell's exquisite illustrations help identify each tree simply and confidently, and they are exquisitely detailed artworks in themselves. With tables and diagrams and families, in beautiful clear layout, the book will bring you closer to the natural world around you. 302pp, illus.

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ISBN 9781787398702

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