JAMES PATTERSON & ANDREW GROSS    Book Number: 85356    Product format: Paperback

Arriving home disillusioned from the Crusades, Hugh DeLuc finds his village ransacked and his wife abducted. Dark riders come in the dead of night like devils, wearing no colours but black crosses on their chests. Knights they may be, but honour and chivalry are not part of their code. They are in search of a relic, one worth much more than any throne and no man can stand in their way until Hugh, disguised as a jester, is able to infiltrate the castle where he believes his wife is being held. When a man is fighting for freedom and for everything he holds dear, he will prove a formidable opponent. A pulse-pounding adventure of good defeating evil, in the words of the Guardian, 'Pacy, sexy, high-octane stuff'. 532pp in paperback.
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ISBN 9781472258625
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