TELEGRAPH BOOK OF CHAMPIONS: An Anthology of the Greats

TELEGRAPH BOOK OF CHAMPIONS: An Anthology of the Greats

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From the era-defining brilliance of Muhammad Ali to the tactical and man-management genius of Alex Ferguson and the single-mindedness of Ellen MacArthur and Ayrton Senna, gathered together here for the first time are rare insights into what made some of the best sportsmen and women of the past century. Martin Smith has delved into the Daily Telegraph sports archive and has selected 100 interviews, contemporary accounts and first-person articles covering the all-time greats - Schumacher, Botham, Federer, Redgrave, Williams, four horses (Arkle, Red Rum, Desert Orchid and Shergar), Farah, Bolt, Phelps, Bradman and Hoy to name but a few. Arranged (loosely) chronologically through the year by when the piece was published or the event took place, here are 100 champions from 31 sports. The beauty of this approach is that the reports selected are not a précis of the champion's career, but rather what they had just achieved (or otherwise), so we see in some cases a step on the path to fully-fledged greatness, such as the Ali-Foreman fight in Kinshasa in 1974, and in others a cautionary tale, such as Parky's piece on George Best, Paul Haywood's on Oscar Pistorius and the post-cancer but pre-drugs admission piece on Lance Armstrong. A unique collection that takes us through the snow, mud, ice and sun of the sporting calendar, a reminder of what it takes to be the very best and why so few achieve it. 393pp.
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