SURVIVING STROKE: The Story of a Neurologist and His Family

Book number: 90418 Product format: Paperback Author: DR H. KENNERLEY & U. KISCHKA

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Udo Kischka was an otherwise healthy 62-year old who ran harder than usual to catch a train home, went to bed feeling normal and was discovered unconscious by his wife the next morning, paralysed and blind on the left side and unable to call for help. But Udo was no ordinary stroke patient: he was a specialist in stroke medicine, while his wife Helena Kennerley is a clinical psychologist. Their joint account of how Udo managed his condition is fascinating for the psychological insight Helena brings, the understanding of the science contributed by Udo, and the inspiration deriving from their struggle together as a couple and as a family. When Udo was transferred to the Oxford Centre of Enablement he was there for nine months, longer than the average, and family events like Christmas were very upsetting. Their teenage children found it difficult to cope with their dad's twisted face and slow speech, and there was a feeling that the children should not be given any burden of care unless they requested it. But on day 68 Udo moved his fingers, and as a specialist he knew what a step forward this was. Fatigue was a real foe, and clarity alternated with distraction in his speech, together with a tendency to repetition. To Helena's puzzlement Udo prioritised mobility over cognitive abilities, because standing and walking gave him more of a sense of who he was. As a couple Helena and Udo were advised to make a completely new game plan, and in conclusion Helena describes their experiences with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. 180pp, paperback, resources, bibliography, black and white photos.

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ISBN 9781472144461

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