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A magnificent and gigantic compendium of cartoon strips by some of the greats at Marvel, DC, Mad, Warren, National Lampoon, Rolling Stone and Playboy, and not forgetting The New Yorker and The New York Times. Plus all those subversive underground hippie rags and images by pop stars, painters and sculptors, journalists, novelists and film directors, musicians, models and ad agency types and even kids. It's all about sex, drugs and rock and roll oh and wars and riots and assassinations and space stuff. In the early 1970s, Michel Choquette was already reliving the 1960s, so he tried to find a publisher for the eclectic collection of comic strips he was asking writers and artists in North America and Europe to create for him in memory of that explosive and momentous decade. After 30 years in storage, he has eventually found a publisher! And it's something to shout about, with even translations of the foreign strips and artwork such as for the 1968 Olympics. There are lots of four letter words so please beware, these were freer, less politically-correct or inoffensive times, plus naked ladies, drugs and booze and some pretty primitive stuff like Hymie the Hippie (or heir today?gund tomorrow). Two-headed Sam heads to the singles bar by Ed Subitzky (art and text) and Federico Fellini provides a big colour cartoon strip of 'A Dream I Had Ten Years Ago...' Little Paul in Slumberland features huge and very frightening big babies with black eyes eating people! An almost calligraphic text on page 110-11 is by Harlan Ellison. Dropping acid and getting into the groove with Art Spiegelman and H. Kurtzman and very saucy artwork by Alan Weiss in a cartoon strip entitled 'The Sexual Revolution Caught Me with my Pants Up!' An extraordinary publication we are thrilled to have discounted for those who can remember those daze, your very own 60s record! Measures a whopping 11¾" x 15½" and features 169 artists and writers and a 92-drawing take on Choquette's travels by Michael Fog. A quality Abrams art publication, 216pp.
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The Someday Times
from Anonymous on 11/10/2019
I have purchased two, one for a young man and one for an older man and both are very pleased to own this book.