RISE OF THE OUTSIDERS: How Mainstream Politics Lost Its Way

RISE OF THE OUTSIDERS: How Mainstream Politics Lost Its Way

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Revised and updated in 2018, the book notes that since Donald Trump's victory to become US President in November 2016, there have been volcanic elections in the UK with Brexit, France, Germany and Austria, each of them in their different ways conforming to the sense that we were not fully conditioned to expect the unexpected. The book investigates some outsiders who are dangerous and some who are absurd, some both and some a lot weaker than they may seem. While some outsiders, especially those on the left, perform a positive role in challenging outdated orthodoxies about the role of the state, the framing of democratic politics continues to be deadly dangerous. In no other sphere is an 'Outsider' with no previous experience likely to rise. Jeremy Corbyn had been an MP since 1983, yet he had never been near the front bench. How bleakly odd that we as voters elect people to represent us and then assume that they must be useless, indifferent, mad and corrupt. Only those on the outside, distant from power, can come to our rescue. Politics in the West has become unpredictable and tumultuous with voters deserting the political centre like never before. Why is the political landscape shifting so rapidly? Celebrated political commentator Steve Richards provides a penetrating analysis of the biggest political stories of the past 50 years. He reveals why confidence in conventional politics is at an all time low and why the world has been rocked by a series of political upsets including Tsipras, Brexit, Macron and Trump. He explores factors from globalisation to the changing nature of our media and argues that the real answers lie in the failure of the mainstream to evolve. An essential read in our chaotic world. 345pp in 2018 paperback.
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