POCKET ESSENTIAL: Short History of the Victorian Era

POCKET ESSENTIAL: Short History of the Victorian Era

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Beginning in the 1830s and ending with the death of Queen Victoria in 1901, the Victorian era saw the British Empire, the largest ever seen, dominate the world. British ingenuity in the fields of technological development and the heavy industry of its Industrial Revolution led Britain to being dubbed 'the workshop of the world' while its Royal Navy policed the world's oceans helping to create what became known as a 'Pax Britannica'. Men and women such as Florence Nightingale, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Charles Dickens, Elizabeth Garrett Anderson and Charles Darwin, William Gladstone, Lord Melbourne, Benjamin Disraeli, Sir Robert Peel, Lord Palmerston and Lord Salisbury tussled with weighty matters including electoral reform, the Corn Laws, factory conditions and Home Rule for Ireland. Legislation dealt with squalid housing conditions and slum landlords and the 1875 Public Health Act undoubtedly improved living conditions and prevented the spread of disease. The era was one of extremes - grinding poverty and extraordinary wealth, exploitation and generous charity, innovation and unyielding conservatism. Here is the story of the greatest period in British history, a period that still resonates in today's Britain. Compact paperback, 256pp.
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