PET SUBJECTS: Animal Tales from the Telegraph's Resident Vet

PET SUBJECTS: Animal Tales from the Telegraph's Resident Vet

PETE WEDDERBURN    Book Number: 85091    Product format: Hardback

The author, who has worked at a veterinary clinic for 25 years, writes regularly in the Daily Telegraph answering readers' animal questions. Here is a selection of letters and answers, as well as some longer case-studies. Discover the case of killer worms, the giant dog who refused to budge, the cat with a gravelly cough, prescription sunglasses for a dog, the terrier with a tumour that wouldn't go away, the parrot who refused to talk, the puppy who kept crying, the cat who drank too much, the swan who flew with a broken wing, the dog who learns sign language, the guide dog for a blind dog, the giant turtle with a tiny appetite and budgies with itchy beaks. A vet of our times is like a 21st century Sherlock Holmes, investigating crimes against animal bodies and here are some of the most fascinating and challenging animal questions. A kleptomaniac cat, a dog with ticks, a budgie with a lump, a guinea pig with a cataract and a rabbit with a floppy ear - Pete deals with all these queries and more. 266pp.
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