NO HANDCUFFS: The Final Word on My War with The Krays

NO HANDCUFFS: The Final Word on My War with The Krays

EDDIE RICHARDSON    Book Number: 90300    Product format: Paperback

'On the day there were seven of Bill's boys all masked up and they snatched what in modern cash would be around eight million quid. They boxed in the PO van with two cars, took off with about 30 mail bags before the alarm went off, and stashed the money at a pre-arranged drop. It was as smooth as can be. There was hell to pay. Churchill was Prime Minister and was furious...' This was the unsolved 1952 'daylight' robbery. The last King of Gangland gives the final word on his war with the Krays. Eddie Richardson is the last brand-name gangster, one of the few survivors from a vanished world of violent criminality. The Richardson brothers Eddie and Charlie, and their famous 'Torture Gang' made money, while their rivals Ronnie and Reggie Kray made fatal mischief. They fought each other, but Eddie also had to contend with his older brother - 'Charlie was evil.' Now his brother is dead, Eddie is free to tell the story of a vicious family feud and a life lived on the frontiers of the law. Eddie's comrade-in-arms was 'Mad' Frankie Fraser. Eddie reflects on his journey from the scrapyards of South London to the glitz and glamour of West End nightclubs, to the flesh and tease of Soho, through the door of No.10 to the perils of espionage and international intrigue, and finally as an inmate of a high-security prison, but with a personal fridge well stocked with gourmet food. 292pp, paperback, photos.
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