NEW RACE OF MEN: Scotland 1815-1914

NEW RACE OF MEN: Scotland 1815-1914

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The author of ten books on modern Scottish history, the author Michael Fry is a regular columnist for The Scotsman and the Sunday Times and his acclaimed book goes well beyond the conventional analyses of economy and society to which previous histories of Scotland have confined themselves. Here the central thread of the story is not the steady assimilation to the norms of the United Kingdom, but the survival of distinct forms of Scottishness that both derives from an independent past, and laid the foundations for the reassertion of nationality in the present time. The emphasis is on the ways in which Scotland remain different. Particular attention is paid to the development of politics and government in the Victorian era, an exemplary era of Scottish individualism. Fry relies not on theories and statistics but on the experience of individual Scottish men and women to chart a period of dynamic change and progress in society, the economy, politics and culture. The 31 black and white plates include such themes and characters as the slums of Glasgow and Edinburgh, Parliament House, the sinister Dr Robert Knox, the execution of mass murderer William Burke, Robert Dundas political manager of Scotland, Henry Lord Cockburn diarist and judge, Sir Walter Scott, Robert Louis Stevenson, to Loch Ness. 466pp with extensive notes, chronology and colour plates.
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