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History has shown over and over that almost every nation would sooner govern themselves badly, corruptly, incompetently, than be efficiently governed by an alien. First published in 1937, this 2012 reprint remains an ardent and topical exposition of Scottish nationalism. Archibald Gordon Macdonell (Archie) was born in November 1895 in Poona, India, the son of a prominent merchant in Bombay and his mother, the daughter of a classical scholar and patron of the arts. Macdonell had produced nine books by 1933, the most gentle and affectionate satire of eccentric English customs and society called 'England, Their England'. Macdonell was educated in England, fought in the First World War for Great Britain and moved in English literary circles, spending most of his working life in London. The root of his extraordinary animosity towards the English is hard to trace. "Briefly, what I think is that [Scotland] has suffered in the past, and is suffering now, from too much England...In this book I am trying to give my reasons for thinking that Scotland would do well to suffer from less." In his own foreword the author said that this is not an expert book, "not an historical, economic, or sociological treatise." He asks what is Scotland? Is it a land of one race, or two, one blood or two? He examines the key to the characters both of the Highlander and the Lowlander, that one is Gaelic Celt, the other is Cymric Celt, that the Picts came to Britain from the Continent in an earlier wave of immigration than the Celts who were in occupation in Britain when Caesar came. The Gael was perpetually being reinforced by the influx of Irish Gaels, prehistoric cousins from when Columba came from Ireland in AD563 and landed upon the Holy Island of Iona. He looks at the Rising of 1745 and the Campbells, the Clearances, industry and the glens, the Highlander's instinct for drama, violence, the Reformation and Calvin, the navy and Empire, the Scottish trader abroad, the Industrial Revolution, Victorian liberalism and more. 30 illus, 160pp in softback.
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