LUNATIC: A Practical Guide to the Moon and Back

Book number: 92024 Product format: Paperback Author: KATRIN SWARTENBROUX

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The generally accepted theory as to how our moon came into existence is that around 4.5 billion years ago, just after the formation of our solar system, Earth was hit by a wandering molten planet and a lump of this planet and molten Earth, around 20% the size of Earth, cooled and remained in Earth's orbit, circling once every 27.3217 days. The physical effects of the moon's presence and orbit - tides, moonlight, eclipses, its magnetic field, animal behaviour - are well documented and extensively discussed here, but this fascinating and charming book equally presents a portrait of the moon in human society and culture down the ages, as a timekeeping device, a muse, a political weapon, a tourist attraction, in astrology, in the arts, in psychology and more. More and more people are believing in the effects of the moon and lunar cycle in their lives and how it may affect decision-making, images of the moon and its surface have never been in higher demand and in use in fabrics and art installations. Whatever your interest in our only satellite - and it is pretty unlikely that anyone will have none at all - it is all here, from all the precise facts and physics to the more esoteric and abstract - and yes, werewolves! Full of delightful quotes from song, poetry and prose and exquisitely illustrated in colour and b/w photos, artworks, drawings and prints, this is a total joy from cover to cover. A trendy book with a handy practical part, including moon calendars, lunar cycle, etc. 190pp. 192pp, 16 x 21cm.

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ISBN 9789401465700

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