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Our favourite rock writer and biographer Mick Wall was a lifelong Lou Reed and Velvet Underground fan and here he brings us the story of the most misunderstood genius in rock. Lou Reed wrote songs about drugs, squalor, transgressive sexuality, honorable prostitutes, visionary gutter queens and dollar-hustlers. He also wrote some of the most moving love songs of the day from 'Pale Blue Eyes' to 'Perfect Day'. Always a generation ahead, he would never receive his dues until later when it was almost too late. The Velvet Underground, the group he led under the tutelage of Andy Warhol, were despised in their lifetime yet all his greatest solo albums from Transformer to Berlin to his last, the Metallica collaboration LuLu were considered meagre reflections. The story of Lou Reed is full of contradictions, from the ECT treatment that scarred him at 17 to the 'thoughtful, meditative' figure Bono now recalls. From his three marriages, to his polysexual relationship with various New York characters especially Rachal, a transsexual to whom he dedicated 'Coney Island Baby', Reed died on 27th October 2013, praised as the Godfather of Punk, the High Priest of Glam whose personal mentor was Delmore Schwartz. Suicide City, White Noise, this is a book full of intoxicating pleasure and pain about a Jew, a fag, a junkie. Packed with famous names on every page, 230pp, 31 performance, on stage and off stage photos in both colour and black and white.
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