HOLLYWOOD ROYALE: Out of the School of Los Angeles

Book number: 92915 Product format: Hardback Author: MATTHEW ROLSTON

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100 mesmerising photographs of pop stars to movie stars, TV personalities to socialites, Andy Warhol's protégé presents a virtual 'who's who' of 1980s celebrity. The Beverly Hills California Hollywood photographer led the way and for everyone interested in the nostalgia for the Golden Age of the Silver Screen in full swing and you will adore this vintage Hollywood glamorous tome of 14" x 18", golden clothbound and with tipped in huge illustration of Prince on the front cover. Befitting the subject, there is even a stunning gatefold double page image of Wendy and Lisa in top hat and tails 1985 showgirls ready for action, one looking transgender in her male tuxedo and the other wearing top hat, fishnets, long black satin gloves over the elbow and a strapless cancan style Basque. Marvel at a portrait for Jean Harlow in Dinner at Eight 1933, with her dewy skin, arched eyebrows, perfect make-up and tresses of platinum blonde hair spread out in curls, rosebud lips and silky skin and white satin dress. We see Matthew Rolston's portrait of Michael Jackson posing as a King complete with crown and furs in 1985, his rather grotesque studies of mummies in the Capuchin catacombs in Palermo, and Talking Heads, colour photographs of ventriloquists' dummies. But it is the glamour of the uninterrupted full page plates, all in striking mono: George Michael, Cybill Shepherd sunbathing, a young Jodie Foster, Isabella Rossellini with a daisy in front of one eye, a double page gatefold of Joseph Culp from a The Bad and the Beautiful series of early Hollywood style poses by each of the actors including Robert Downey Jr. again; Christy Turlington appearing to eat a bowl of cigarette ends or as a Tudor beneath a beaded Manta Ray, Shirley MacLaine wearing a chain, a gatefold page of Lisa Bonet floating semi-naked, nipples erect, her leather jacket behind her; Bono with a guitar in Dublin 1987, Brian Wilson 1992, Joni Mitchell 1991, Terence Trent D'Arby on a motorcycle, two more double gatefold pages all featuring Kelly LeBrock in The Seven Deadly Sins series, all spectacularly glamorous and witty; Sylvester Stallone, David Byrne and the beautiful Anjelica Houston without make-up 1987 and Warren Beatty, ruggedly good looking in 1991. Rolston has been ranked among such luminaries as Herb Ritts and Greg Gorman and Annie Leibovitz as one of the most influential photographers with his celebrity image making, gender bending and much more. A quality teNeues publication, 278 heavyweight pages
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ISBN 9783961710249

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