GREAT FLOOD: Travels Through a Sodden Landscape

GREAT FLOOD: Travels Through a Sodden Landscape

EDWARD PLATT    Book Number: 90431    Product format: Hardback

As read on BBC Radio 4, this book is a collection of travel writing and reportage from Edward Platt who, during the course of two years - coinciding with the dramatic floods of Winter 2013 to 2014 - travelled across the country to visit places where there had been floods and meeting people whose lives were affected. Through this book, the reader will be transported to Thorney in Somerset, Gilgamesh in Gloucestershire and the kingdom of the Severn, to Thames Valley, the Somerset levels, and Westminster and Borth. Learn the personal story of Jacqui who, living in Bransholme, was away when a storm struck and so lost much of the house. When it had abated, she told the author that the first meal she cooked in her new kitchen was Christmas dinner on trestles and a sheet of MDF. Uncover the mysteries of Atlantis and Doggerland which could be assumed to be on British soil as J. E. Sainty remarked in his book, The Norfolk Sea Floods, where he notes that the 'Colinda spear' was dredged up from the bed of the North Sea off the Norfolk coast which was lost by its Mesolithic owner in shallow water. Imagine Tewkesbury in 2012 where, in King John's Court, they shrugged off the flood water with one man saying, 'Personally, I don't see a problem for us, here... that's the subtle difference with Tewkesbury: we don't try and stop the water; we just let it flow through.' The author, Edward Platt puts the floods into the context of climate change too, exploring how the summer floods of 2007 made him consider the changes to the weather during the seasons and then realised the environmental changes again in 2012 when Britain was hit by a drought in March with necessary hosepipe bans, followed by the wettest April on record where flooding was inevitable and a summer filled with golf ball-sized hailstones in the Midlands and 'the Toon Monsoon' that struck Newcastle. This is a beautifully written account of how small and large parts of Britain have weathered floods. It weaves history, geography and personal experiences together into one steady stream of stories. Includes a black and white map of Great Britain with flood sites ancient and modern indicated. 312pp.
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