GOLDEN RETRIEVER: Buying, Caring For, Feeding, Training,

GOLDEN RETRIEVER: Buying, Caring For, Feeding, Training,

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One of the world's most popular breeds of dog, the Golden Retriever is friendly, with an amiable nature, gentle countenance and good looks. In 1914, Country Life published an article that described how in 1865 a Russian circus in Brighton showed a group of performing dogs. This made such an impression on Lord Tweedmouth that he brought some of them and decided on a breeding programme which led to today's Golden Retriever. In 1868, Nous covered a bitch named Belle, which is described on the records as Tweed Water Spaniel. The offspring were four yellow pups named Crocus, Ada, Primrose and Cowslip. The dog probably owes its fine nose to the Bloodhound. The hallmark is his kindly and intelligent expression and here is all about the pedigree standards of height, coat and colour. He is an excellent family dog, a social animal, good at guarding and loves water. The garden pond is irresistible! Often carrying an object in his mouth, the keeping of this breed entails lots of work, not least on recall. Chapters cover purchase, the puppy at home, house training, order of ranking and body language, education, basic training, grooming, feeding, physical exercise and activities, diseases and defects. 128 glossy pages packed with colour photos from adorable puppies, a proud mother with her offspring to enthusiastic hunters.
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from Anonymous on 26/08/2020
Lots of useful information about the characteristics of the breed.