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From Tintagel Castle in Cornwall, King Arthur's reputed place of birth, to Slaughterbridge in the same county, one of the contenders for the location of his final battle against the Saxons, and from Cadbury Castle in Somerset, one of the numerous claimants to be the site of Arthur's fort of Camelot, to Glastonbury, where in 1191 Arthur's grave was reputedly discovered by local monks, we follow the trail through some of England's most historic places to shine a new light on this most compelling of legends. Arthur was the boy who was schooled by Merlin and who claimed his right to lead the Britons against the Saxons by drawing a sword from a stone. Later he was the warrior who congregated with his knights around a Round Table and was given a magical sword, Excalibur, by the Lady of the Lake. Many scholars have suggested that Arthur was a mythical figure who never existed, but he remains the subject of thousands of books. The book is in three parts - main life events, a journey around the places that seem most relevant and have the biggest stories, and finally a superb A-Z Gazetteer of Arthurian sites in Cornwall including the Dozmary Pool situated near the Jamaica Inn Pub, sites in Somerset, Dorset, Wiltshire, Hampshire and Bath, including of course Winchester which according to Medieval tradition was the site of Camelot, sites in Wales and the Welsh borders like Arthur's Cave near Monmouth and Pen-y-Fan or Arthur's Seat, and sites in Northern England and Scotland like the village of Camelon near Falkirk. Also includes continental European sites, bibliography and further reading. 200 pages in large softback, well illus.
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