FELLINI: The Sixties

FELLINI: The Sixties

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La Dolce Vita! Style, beauty, passion, vision. A blockbuster book for a monumental subject: big, beautiful stills from Fellini's iconic sixties oeuvre fill most of the pages in this heavyweight tome, accompanied by commentary and quotations. The Foreword by Anita Ekberg, star of La Dolce Vita, sets the tone: "Federico always loved beautiful women - and I was a beautiful woman!". On the facing page Ekberg reclines sensuously in a clinging pink gown. She reveals in an interview that there was no chemistry between herself and co-star Marcello Mastroianni and confirms that Fellini invented the word "paparazzi", a recurrent motif in the film. Asked about the director's cultural influence she feigns indifference: "People seem to remember me more than him". The films Boccaccio 70 and Eight and a Half followed in quick succession, the latter often regarded as Fellini's greatest single achievement. With its inherent honesty about the psyche of the movie director, exhausted by glamour and narcissism, the film prompted Hitchcock to remark, "these Italian fellows are a hundred years ahead of us!" Juliet of the Spirits was Fellini's first full-length foray into colour, paving the way for Spirits of the Dead starring a galaxy of sixties legends: Bardot, Alain Delon, Terence Stamp and Peter and Jane Fonda. Finally Fellini Satyricon, "an explosion of madness and perversion", featured scenes of ancient Roman decadence that shattered new barriers and starred a local restaurateur as the pleasure-loving debauchee Trimalchio. According to Stamp, Fellini, unlike most directors, was "funny and witty and smart", and this tribute makes it abundantly clear why he is one of the greats. 10" x 12¼", 304pp, hundreds of glossy colour and black and white stills.
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