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Rohnfelder is the first photographer to climb the seven highest continental volcanoes. He cycles high above the steaming rainforests in the Kilimanjaro Massif, crossed the seething heat of the Atacama Desert in Chile, climbs the summit of Orizaba and ventures deep into Antarctica's heart of ice, climbing the seven highest volcanoes across the Earth's seven continents. This beautiful photography book tells the full story of his spectacular trips portraying the beauty and spectacle of the surface lava, the smoke, intense heat and colours, but also celebrates the rich beauty of our planet and its many peoples. A waterscape with palm trees at sunset in Papua New Guinea, the Indonesian island Sumatra which might have seen the biggest volcanic eruption in human history when Toba erupted some 74,000 years ago and may have brought humanity to the brink of extinction. There are handwritten diary entries from Damavand, Iran, where a complete stranger helps him and lends him a large sum of money - the hospitality is overwhelming. Camping, on the road, obstacles of the final climb, breakdowns and food, decisions and one false step which could end in tragedy, he reaches sheer summits' sharp edges with inclines up to 65 degrees with nothing but hard, bare ice after six, long cold exhausting hours with bodies aching and screaming for a break. From the comfort of your armchair enjoy stunning photography of snow fields to lava lakes and unimaginable heat and the Volcano of Fire spewing at Pico de Orizaba in Mexico. A lavish teNeues publication, 200 glossy pages, colour. 22.23 x 28.78cm.
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ISBN 9783961711741
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