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Sophisticated nude photographs shot by Marc Lagrange with cool-brown tone coloration, these rare Polaroid 100 Chocolate images are from the last types of film ever to be produced before the Polaroid factory closed down permanently in 2009. This enticing series of carefully selected and mostly unpublished works of nude portraiture are dramatic and touching and shot on the sets of former large camera projects - sweeping staircases, pianos, vintage cars, manor houses and chaise longue, Moorish gardens, or a series with the Priest from 2010 who watches two naked women cavort in suspenders and high heels, then undress as he dabs his lips from the food and wine on the tableau. There are some black and Asian beauties, blondes with piercing eyes, lace bodystockings, even male and female ballerinas posed beautifully to show their physiques, a beauty dressed like Josephine Baker in an exotic bedroom, and slim beautiful naked women on every page of this special and rare collection, filled with longing and sensuality, fantasy and desire. 160pp, multilingual edition, brown chocolate cloth binding, 12" x 9½".
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