SPACEWORLDS: Stories of Life in the Void

SPACEWORLDS: Stories of Life in the Void

EDITED BY MIKE ASHLEY    Book Number: 92898    Product format: Paperback

Nine stories in a collection with publication dates between 1940 and 1967: Umbrella in the Sky by E. C. Tubb, Sail 25 by Jack Vance, The Longest Journey by Richard C. Meredith, The Ship Who Sang by the ever-popular Anne McCaffrey, O'Mara's Orphan by James White, Ultima Thule by Eric Frank Russell, The Voyage that Lasted 600 Years by Don Wilcox, Survival Ship by Judith Merril and Lungfish by John Brunner. Since space flight was achieved and long before, science fiction writers have imagined the depths of great darkness beyond our atmosphere. From generation ships which are in space so long that there will be new generations aboard who have never experienced planetary life, to orbiting satellites in the unforgiving reaches of the vacuum, there is a vast range in these insular environments in which innovative and emotionally complex stories unfold. Mike Ashley is the editor of this British Library Science Fiction Classics series and anthology, stories mostly unavailable elsewhere unless you have the original magazines. 315pp, paperback.
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