E. S. THOMSON    Book Number: 92572    Product format: Hardback

The prize winning crime writer brings us another episode in the mystery series of Jem Flockhart, a darkly atmospheric thriller set in Victorian London. 1851 and restless and bored after a long hot summer, apothecary and poison expert Jem Flockhart decides to redesign her physic garden, but plans are thrown into confusion when a man's skeleton is unearthed from beneath the deadly nightshade, a smaller, child-like skeleton curled at its feet. The body bears evidence of knife wounds to its ribs and arms, and is accompanied by a collection of macabre objects - a brass bowl, a curious coin-like token, a set of tiny ivory sculls. The police claim the victim is too long-buried for answers to be found, but for Jem, a corpse in her own garden is something that cannot be ignored. The plans to the original garden as laid out some 40 years earlier reveal a list of five names. When Jem and Will start asking questions, the murders begin. Each victim has a past connection with the physic garden, each corpse is found with its jaw broken wide, and its mouth stuffed with deadly nightshade. As they move closer to uncovering the truth, Jem and Will Quartermain encounter a dark world of addiction, madness, power and death that strikes at the very heart of Jem's own history. This time, the poison is personal. Harrowing and hugely enjoyable. 359pp, fairly large print.
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ISBN 9781472131522
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