SPACE: Build Your Own Spaceship and Explore the Cosmos

SPACE: Build Your Own Spaceship and Explore the Cosmos

KATHERINE SULLY & D. HAWCOCK    Book Number: 92539    Product format: Paperback

Make your own press-out easy to assemble four fantastic models of spacecrafts, without damaging the book and learn about the marvels of our solar system and explore the Milky Way through informative texts and vivid illustrations. The 3D models are assembled by tearing out the prepared cardboard pieces indicated by the dotted lines and in following the instructions like pasting the red flaps before placing the red cone over the engines or rolling the engines into a cylinder shape and paste them before attaching them to the stands. One huge and bright purple, one circular, one with a tripod stand and one your classic red coned space rocket, this is for all aeronauts ages 5-95. Extra large softback.
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ISBN 9782889358298
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