NEEDLE FELTED ANIMALS: 35 Furry Friends to Create

NEEDLE FELTED ANIMALS: 35 Furry Friends to Create

Mia Underwood     Book Number: 92534    Product format: Paperback

Needle felting is the process of transforming soft, fluffy wool into a firm shape using a needle with special sharp barbs running up from the tip. The start of the book looks at basic technique, from creating sausage shapes that will make the legs and tails of creatures, to padding where the basic body of the furry creation will need to be moulded. The 35 animals are simple to create and the designs are based around large balls or egg shapes of wool fibre which would be the basis for a body or head. Meet the cute and cuddly cheetah cub which requires specific focus on getting its features right as the expression is an important part of its character, a flock of little robin redbreasts to perch on a Christmas tree or garland, or a baby hedgehog which can either sit upright or lie happily during the winter seasons. The design for the teeny-tiny penguin clad in its baby coat of grey down can be used to make one chick or a whole colony. The crafty pet owner can create a 'mini me' of their furry friend whether that is a dinky dachshund, happy hamster, perfect pony or fuzzy yorkie or cheerful chicken. Some of the suggestions can be used as accessories too including the dashing dog design and a 'cool cat brooch' which is inspired by the author's Abyssinian called Ash. The book also includes templates of a bright parrot and the two brooches. Illus, step-by-step diagrams. Paperback, 7.5" x 9.3", colour photos, 128pp.
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