GIN: Shake, Muddle, Stir

GIN: Shake, Muddle, Stir

DAN JONES    Book Number: 92329    Product format: Hardback

Does anything describe sweet inebriation by the world's finest spirit better than Oscar Wilde's infamous quotes, 'We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.' That trickle of citrus, the sharp slap of juniper and the intimate massage of perfectly refined, potent alcohol from its troubled birth on the backstreets in London to its current incarnation as the world's fastest-growing artisanal spirit, gin's salacious past and rosy future has never looked so good. This brilliant book shows how to mix it, shake it, stir it and most importantly how to drink it with a full list of mix-at-home recipes, infusions and syrups with essential and impressive tools, glassware, marvellous mixers, tingling bitters and the world's very best gins from British and Scottish classics, to international megabrands and young, fresh indie upstarts from the UK, to Australia and the USA. Chin chin! Start with the zingy staples a G&T, Gin Rickey or Dirty Martini and graduate to more sizzling concoctions like a crowd-pleasing Dickins' Hot Gin Punch, a classy Sloe Gin and Tempranillo Negroni or an X-rated Naked Peach. The zingy classic White Lady, Blood Orange Gin and Tonic, Elderflower Martini, Bergamot Tea Martini, Cherry Thyme Sour, Grapefruit and Tarragon Collins, some of the flavoured syrups include pine tip, ginger, rhubarb and star anise, spiced brown sugar and a sherry reduction in the Infusion, Syrups, Sours and Brines section for a power-punch of flavour or a simmered-down reduction, just as you wish. Big full page colour diagrams which are lots of fun, and tips like supersizing a drink into a punch with chunks of watermelon and slices of citrus, forage blackberries yourself, chill glasses for extra frostiness and add a dash of mint or agave syrup to put hairs on your chest. Gintastic 144 pages, colour illus. of over 40 of the best cocktails for serious gin lovers. With cutaway front cover.
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