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Set yourself sugar-free in 12 weeks with this essential three step plan which includes 38 delicious recipes, practical advice and all backed by scientific principles. Sugar is the villain of a modern diet and cutting down seems like an impossible task. Expert help is at hand with clear information on how to reduce your intake, alternative choices to refined sugar, and simple ways to get more active. Our relationship with sugar is explained from sweet temptations to what sugar is good for, but not all sugars are the same, natural sugars and good and bad carbohydrates. Too much sugar is dangerous and the science is explained about insulin resistance and how brain chemistry is tricked as we learn to do without sugar. A great portion of the book is about illness and symptoms of excess sugar intake, arteriosclerosis, digestive problems, hypertension, depression, type 2 diabetes, dental problems, hair loss, skin problems, cancer, ADHD, neurodegenerative diseases, thyroid disorders and chronic pain. Then comes the all-important three sugar Detox Plan assessing what you are eating right now, and replacing them with healthier alternatives, keeping a diary, looking for patterns, monitoring your moods, recording how you are sleeping and bursts of activity. Learn how proteins are particularly good for making you feel full for longer so you can prevent food cravings and maintain blood sugar at a constant level. Nowadays it is suggested that a balanced intake of protein from lean meat, fish, pulses, yoghurt and cheese can have a beneficial influence on fat metabolism and fat distribution and vegetable proteins can be used just as effectively. Know which sugars are considered healthy like galactose found in milk and dairy products, chickpeas, berries and lentils; xylose found in varieties of berries; erythritol extracted from grape sugar (glucose) or household sugar (sucrose) found in confectionary and trehalose found in sunflower seeds and shiitake mushrooms with a gentle sweetness, kind to teeth and protecting the body?s natural protein structures. In addition, insulin levels only rise very slightly after consumption and it can be used to sweeten beverages, baked goods and ice cream. And also isomaltose found in honey, ribose naturally occurring in the body which improves cardiac output and brain metabolism and energy for our muscles, and Stevia, a plant cultivated as a sweetener as leaves or liquid extract. All these sugars or sweeteners are easily available to buy. Very clear explanations plus delicious recipes for Baked Seabass with Soy and Garlic in main meals, Apricot Chutney in condiments and even a Chocolate Tart in desserts. A very clever way to adapt without losing the sweetness in your meals. 176 pages in large softback, many colour photos.
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