OLIVER POSTGATE & PETER FIRMIN    Book Number: 91925    Product format: Hardback

With pink and white stripes, we are immediately drawn to the big friendly saggy baggy old fat furry catpuss, Bagpuss. Relive your favourite episodes with this heart-warming selection of projects, puzzles and memoirs. Create sugar mice for the Mouse Organ, stitch your very own Madeleine the Rag Doll with lavender stuffing, a bean bag Gabriel, and knit Bagpuss himself. Emily loved him and you will, nothing but a saggy old cloth cat, baggy and a bit loose at the seams. You may wish to tighten yours! With full explanation of which sides to fold to create the legs and tail, patterns to enlarge, and the banjo-playing froggy Gabriel in bright green has a complete body pattern and banjo template. The back front inside covers have a fun Great Cheese Race game to play with dice, and there is exquisitely illustrated original Bagpuss artwork plus additional new illustrations by Peter Firmin for the book. Big and colourful, 62pp.
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ISBN 9781909397330
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