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My Granny is a great traveller. When she was younger she travelled all over the world. To China, Russia, Egypt and Peru. She crossed rivers and mountain ranges, explored jungles and towering cities. Now her legs won't carry her much further than the door, but she still travels...and sometimes she takes me with her. Together they travel to Delhi, the capital of India with the Hindu god Ganesha which has the heads of an elephant. Tricycle taxis called rickshaws roam the streets. We've been to Rome where Ancient Romans came to the Colosseum to watch Gladiators fight. Italy is the home of ice cream and spaghetti. And Jerusalem...this city is 3,000 years old! We've been to London where 18 kings and queens are buried in Westminster Abbey and New York where the streets in the centre of the city are all in straight lines. The grown-ups say Granny is confused and doesn't know where she is. But I think she knows exactly where she is. It just isn't where the grown-ups are. We've sailed the Great Lakes and hiked the Himalayas. We've snorkelled the Great Barrier Reef and dined at the Eiffel Tower. Granny can't remember yesterday but she knows all about the world. A sensitive introduction to old age confusion and dementia through a loving and imaginative relation between Granny and her grandchild and their colourful journeys. Gentle and positive. A big picture book all in colour.

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ISBN 9781910959343

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